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An idea for an adult-oriented activity book: 


The Book of Answers: 
Because no one knows better than you do. 

The rules are simple — when feeling good, you write answers for your future self, who could be feeling bad and in need of advice. By doing so, you use reflective writing to build a better relationship with yourself, but also allow your “happy self” to create a small guide to help your “sad self”. 

As a designer, I love the idea of work being activated by the user — this book is a tool and an experience, and it’s the user’s input that makes it special. 

The main intention for this project was to integrate playfulness into self care; it’s a response to our modern day experience of dealing with stress and other everyday issues. When you go through emotional turmoil, thinking clearly becomes difficult — so why not have prepare yourself a personal guide

This idea came into my mind after conducting a questionnaire of around 80 young people, 98% of whom were interested in building better relationships with themselves. In the age of information overload, it is more important than ever to find time for yourself & understand what you enjoy, what helps you, and how you can feel more in touch with your inner self. 

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